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8 Best email service providers

As 200 billion emails are sent each day, what are the best email service providers and how to choose them?

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The number of emails sent each day is excellent; 200 billion emails are sent each day! People use emails everywhere for doing a variety of tasks, such as blogging, corresponding, applying for jobs, or even for personal uses. But what are the best email service providers and how to choose them?

There are plenty of email service providers out there, which makes it difficult for you to choose from. First, you have to ask yourself some questions like

  • Are you looking for free or paid services?
  • What are your specific preferences?
  • Will this email service provider lets you keep your inbox organized efficiently?
  • Can you access your account from other email clients?
  • What are the spam filters like?
  • What services come with a specified domain and address as in ([email protected]).

Best email service providers:

G Suite (Gmail)

G Suite is the engine behind Gmail. G Suite is not only an email service; it gives you the whole Google Account services, including Google Drive, Docs, etc. Plus, it is the most commonly used email service provider worldwide. It has more than a billion users around the world.

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In addition to being simple and easy to use, it offers lots of features for users, like:

  • Simple interface: reading your messages and replying to them via conversations is made easy for you as the interface is a highlight and the inbox occupies the majority of the screen, toolbar, and other clutter taking minimum space.
  • Secure and globally used.
  • Provides G Suite, which is an excellent option for businesses.
  • Messages are automatically filtered into three categories, primary, social, and promotions. This will keep you focused on the content you are concerned about.
  • A 15GB storage for messages and photos.
  • It gives you a chance to manage your other accounts such as Outlook, POP email, and Yahoo from the same interface.

However, advertising and the unclear user data policy might be disadvantages, and paid plans are not cheap.

G Suite Basic Plan: G49C3QEMM9P3FUE
G Suite Business Plan: KA6RE9CDYJDY4RC

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Zoho mail, $1 Per Employee

Zoho mail is the $1 email service provider that is suitable for professionals as public organizations and freelancers. Although there is no free version of Zoho mail and it has some non-email features that may be distracting, it has many great features:

Zoho mail Pricing and Plans
  • It offers good privacy quality as it doesn’t contain any ads.
  • It integrates task manager, calendar, notes, and many other collaboration tools.
  • You can block emails using information about IP address, content, and domain.
  • It allows you to respond and create mails even when you are offline through offline mode.

Yahoo Business Mail

Yahoo Business Mail is one of the most popular and distinguished email service providers. The most attractive feature is that it provides you with a big capacity of a free mailbox, which is 1 terabyte, allowing you to keep your messages for a long time. You can enjoy unlimited messaging and social networking after starting using Yahoo.

Yahoo Business Mail Pricing and Plans

Also, it has many other features:

  • The ability to customize the interface design to make it more expressive and impressive.
  • It is good at spam blocking.
  • It works on desktop, app, and web.
  • It allows you to filter your messages and content and to browse your conversations.
  • It can integrate with Facebook and text messages.
  • It offers useful tools such as calendar, analytic, and document handling, and other tools that are business-friendly.
  • It can import contacts from your social media platforms or Gmail and Outlook.

Nonetheless, it does not have the ability to set folders, and it contains many ads that might be bothering. You need to upgrade to go ad-free. Also, it might not be as flexible as Gmail regarding the labeling scheme, and you will not find settings and a wide range of options that you find in other services. 

Microsoft 365 Business

Finally, we have a Microsoft product, Office 365. However, it does not support older OS versions, and its Cloud storage might be at risk of being lost. Office 365 is one of the best email service providers. As it:

Microsoft 365 Business Pricing and Plans
  • It has storage of 1TB, which is fantastic.
  • Has a variety of useful tools such as PowerPoint, Excel, Skype, OneDrive, Teams, and Exchange.
  • Gives a one-month free trial for personal use id provided.
  • Has versions of it on iOS, Android, and macOS.

Yandex Connect, Free Business Email

If you looking for a free hosted email service for your company, with no-ads, and no privacy issues, Yandex Connect Mail is 10GB free emails up to 1000 employees.

Yandex Business Email Pricing and Plans

Yandex is the Google of Russa, Yandex account gives your company almost everything you expect to get from G Suite, and yes! it’s Free. Yandex Connect offers 4 main products;

  • Yandex Mail: Hosted email service
  • Yandex Disk: File storage service like Box or Google Drive
  • Yandex Wiki: Internal knowledge base system for your business;
  • Yandex.Messenger: Internal Chating System for your company
  • Yandex Administration


Tutanota is a highly-secure email service provider with a user-friendly interface. A dog feature of Tutanota is that you can create an anonymous email account. Plus, it is free for private use, and it provides data encryption. On the other hand, you have to pay for extra storage as it gives you 1GB of storage only.

Tutanota Pricing and Plans


Fastmail is an Australian email service provider, and, as its name suggests, it is fast! Some of Fastmail’s features are:

Fastmail Pricing and Plans
  • It has a simple minimalist interface with a page size of 30 KB.
  • It is ad-free.
  • You can customize your domain, too.
  • It provides a free trial for two months, but you have to upgrade to enjoy the features it offers.

To conclude…

Email is still one of the most popular ways of communication in the world. It should be one of your early steps to start a new business. You can choose one of the best email service providers from a variety of options depending on what features you are looking for.

Good Luck!

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