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Work From Home 2021, Time Tracking Tools

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More and more employees are being forced to operate from home amid the current COVID-19 coronavirus. Work from home is becoming more popular due to technical advancements. Today more than ever, staff can telephone from home on sick days, take care of the family, or run orders.

Although the possibility of working from home is a great advantage, it is crucial that you and your team have the right software resources in order to make sure that even on WFH days you can still accomplish your goals.

You work from home (or choose to work from home), and you need to optimize productivity so that everyone can keep reminding you about this work-life balance. You will use software to enhance your own process, please your managers, and make remote work a real improvement in life.

Why Do You Need Employee Monitoring Tool While Working from home?

Tracking work by employees can be used to boost morale, ensure that individuals do not fall apart, assess variable wages, and comply with data protection regulations and so on. Monitoring of employees may involve internet monitoring, telephone calls, body movement, e-mail, and more.

It will allow you to monitor their performance, attendance, and development time, as well as to recognize slack and late arrivals. If your employees work from home and you’re just searching for a staff management tool, you can find some of the best resources to improve the production, innovative and smooth work of your remote team.

Here are the 10 best remote work tools that you and your team need to be effective when benefiting from working from home.

1. Time Doctor – Smart Employee Tracking

Smart Employee Tracking

Time Doctor is a remote staff monitoring software for your time that lets you and your team do a lot better every day. Time Doctor supports the introduction of more than 35 project management and productivity tools, making time spent on multiple projects very simple for workers.


  • Strong employee monitoring functionality.
  • Easy to create invoices for clients.
  • Extensive integrations with services like Asana, JIRA ad more.
  • Payroll Automation.


  • Missing projects budget configurations

Pricing: The basic Time Doctor package begins with $7, free trial for all plans.

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and Chrome operating systems. You can see the complete Comprehensive list of Time Doctor Features.

2. Desk Time – Real-time automatic time tracking

work from home with Desk Time

DeskTime is a time tracking solution that runs on handheld devices and desktops. This program helps managers to see what their workers do with their machines to make sure they are effective on a commercial basis.

With DeskTime businesses can conserve precious financial capital and time by ensuring that staff take advantage of working periods to carry out their tasks. With the support of many tools, such as the smartphone tracker, website tracker and offline time trackers, the approach will do this.

In comparison, DeskTime offers companies an all-in-one dashboard, which allows employees to track regular tasks, absences, overtime, and more at a single venue.


  • Customer assistance, it is excellent so distant.
  • Suitable for small businesses anywhere time management affairs.
  • Easy to configure and simple to use.
  • It gives clarity to both managers and employees.
  • This App is cost-effective for all users.


  • Not so exact with the working hours that the wages will be impacted.
  • That tracking did NOT involve Youtube video URLs.
  • Non tailored suitable for the freelance profession.

See the full  Whole list of Desk time Features

Pricing: The Lite plan is FREE for one person. The Pro package is $7 a month per user. The subscription scheme is $9 a month per consumer. And the Business package is $14 a month per consumer. For all three programs, a FREE trial is also available.

Platform: Windows, macOS, iOS

3. Hub Staff – Simple, accurate work time tracking software

work from home with Hub Staff

Hubstaff lets team leaders view comprehensive data, deliver customer invoices, and even pay workers individually on the basis of their working hours and dynamic wage grades.

Hubstaff seam-fitting for more than 30 application integrations, including Basecamp, Trello, Asana, Github, and Paypal, helps developers to work without messing for their day-to-day activities.


  • Simple to add time to timesheets antecedent to shifts
  • Strives screenshot and keystroke monitoring
  • Clear to schedule shifts for employees
  • Integration with Trello, Asana, and a lot other task management tools


  • Stopwatch needs a second app on the desktop
  • There is No advanced time tracking
  • No IP address limitations
  • Quite basic reporting

See the complete Comprehensive list of Hub Staff Features

Pricing: Starting at $7 and up to $20 per user per month, trials are also available.

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Chrome.

4. Rescue Time – Stay Focus and manage your time

Work from Home

RescueTime is a monitoring tool that tracks the workers’ websites and apps at operation.

RescueTime works in the background and gathers useful data on the Internet as the workers work remotely. It offers a dashboard of all your data sorted in helpful charts to assist you in handling both your time and the time of your staff.

It indicates how much the workers invest inefficient resources, such as Google Docs, Wikipedia, resources, etc.

RescueTime also reveals how much the staff invests in disruptive sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. At the end of the week, RescueTime gives you a comprehensive overview of the staff’s tasks based on their use of their website.


  • It Works without intrusion.
  • Also Tracks time in apps and on sites.
  • Great reports with customization.


  • Expensive premium

You can see the complete Comprehensive list of Rescue Time Features

Pricing: Rescue Time pricing begins at $9.00 per month. There is also a free version and also gives a free trial.

Platform: Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, and Chrome

5. Timing – Automates Employee Tracking

work from home

Timing automates monitoring the time. It records which apps you use, which websites you access and which documents you edit instead of beginning and stopping temporarily manually.

These data can be automatically and manually sorted. Comprehensive monitoring and export features are also provided.


  • Maintains accurate details on what you do on your macOS
  • You can define projects
  • Allows you to assign applications, websites, and more to projects


  • Many details will make management challenging
  • Difficult pricing model

Pricing: Timing pricing begins at $4.50 per customer per month. They have no free option but a free trial.

Platform: macOS Only

6. toggl track – Best for Freelancers

work from home with 6. Toggl

Toggle is an insightful time tracking App for paying users and offers a generous free tier of support and market insight.

It acts as a browser extension or browser, and smartphone applications are available to track time. Toggle is great for freelancers and small companies and can fit well for bigger teams as well.


  • The highest level of free service.
  • Quick and smooth. 
  • A long list of integrations supported.


  • No invoicing, routing or other functions that are not directly related to time monitoring.
  • A bit pricey for what you get.

See the complete Comprehensive list of Toggl Features

Pricing: The basic plan begins at $9 / month, with paying plans for Starter, Premium and Business costing $10, $20 and $59 / month per user. Free trial and request are also available.

Platform: Desktop, Mobile, browsers

7. FocusMe – Force your Focus on work

Work from home with Focusme

FocusMe is a totally personalized tool that “walls off” the web addiction to maximize personal productivity immediately and take countless hours of your life back.

You will plan the concentration sessions in advance with the Scheduler. It helps you to schedule the whole week ahead and see how well you’re doing!


  • Block websites and diversion apps or set deadlines.
  • Time Tracker tells you how your days are spent.
  • Flexible blocking enables you to list parts of a page but restrict the rest.


  • Plans for payment

Pricing: Begins at $6.99 per month and goes up to $9.99 per year, they also have a 30% discount for students and educators.

Platform: Windows, macOS, Android

8. Clever Control

work from home with Clever Control

CleverControl is a cloud-based business solutions software which enables employers to improve employee productivity and prevent the release of corporate information, and the collected data can help resolve various workplace problems and incidents.


  • Simple to use and easy.
  • Real-time tracking detail.
  • Detailed action notes, easy to deal with


  • Unable to switch off any functions

Pricing: Pricing for CleverControl begins at $3.00 a month. A free version is available, and it provides a free trial.

Platform: Windows, macOS

9. Spyrix – Cloud-Based Tracking

This App is among the most powerful applications designed for tracking remote computers. With the assistance of this multifunctional secret instrument, the purposes of employee supervision and parental control can be effectively accomplished.

It perfectly balances the characteristics of a highly skilled product with ease of use and convenience.


  • Support for Wide OS
  • Open Smart Interface in 9 languages
  • Completely hidden mode with the transparent archive of software
  • Settings for Versatile Screenshots
  • Microphone Recording Sounds
  • Webcam Recording Capture.
  • Reliable and easy to use.


  • Not available

Pricing: It starts at $59 and has no trial.

Platform: Windows Only

10. ActivTrak – Cloud-Based Monitoring

Work from home with ActivTrak

ActivTrak is a cloud-based tracking tool that allows you to watch which apps the workers use and which websites they use, whether they are operating from home or also in the workplace.

ActivTrak gathers URL info, website title bars, and snapshots of what the workers are doing on their devices.


  • Intuitive interface for admin
  • Apps Tracking
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Automated Updates
  • Sign-in for Google
  • Suggest App for iOS
  • Capability Screenshot


  • Incapable of OCR using screenshots for keyword quest
  • Lacks the logging of keystrokes

See the complete Comprehensive list of ActivTrak Features

Pricing: Pricing, per user, starts at $7 per month. A free version is available.

Platform: Android, iPhone/iPad

Which tool is best for tracking employee work from home progress?

We enlist all-time best tools for tracking employee work from home. This list includes all tools from small businesses to enterprises to everything in between.

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