Earn Money $15 per Article

Ecommerce Meter built by a group of e-commerce experts with 25+ collective experience, our mission is to help newcomers to the industry to make the right decisions and skip the mistakes that we did before. We are happy to announce guest authors are now welcome, we even pay you for your articles. Together we make e-commerce easier to start and scale.

Our audience is interested in non-coding tutorials, lists to help them make decisions like a comparison between themes, or best plugins for marketing, maybe compare different CRM services, or list some free tools to get more leads. They are also interested in scaling tips and tricks, like how to hire a freelancer, or how to evaluate their delivery. You can also take them to the next step and go throw how to hire and manage an abroad full-time team for your e-commerce or what kind of KPIs to validate your growth. Explore our blog to know what kind of posts we are interested in.



My name on my work, isn’t it?

We are proud to have you as our author, so yes we will have your name and bio and part of the article.

Do I have the rights to Reposting/Republishing my article or part of it?

You can’t, but you still can share the link from our website as your original work.

Marketing or affiliate links allowed?

Yes, but we don’t pay for that.

Do you pay extra for pictures?

Most of our content needs screenshots which easy to regenerate, but if you got images from anywhere you have to mention the source and the license.

What about the article format?

Just use basic formatting like heading and paragraph to ensure consistency with our website design.

How many words do you need?

Our editorial strategy depends on both long detailed and short articles, short means 700+ words while long means 1700+

How much I’ll earn?

We pay from $5 to $15 per article, depend on size, original work, and how it’s really unique and helpful for our audience.

How I’ll get paid?

We pay over PayPal or bank transfer, we also offer other payment options depend on transfer options in each country.

Copyright & Plagiarism

Never copy any sentence without rephrasing, and check on any online plagiarism tool before submitting your work.

How to submit?

Register from here and click then add a new post, make sure to update your profile and validate grammar and plagiarism before submitting your work.